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BestFans – The German Onlyfans alternative? Experience and test

BestFans is the new, large German alternative to Onlyfans and other similar American platforms that have a freemium social media concept. In simple terms, this means that registration is free, but the subscription of various creators is subject to a fee. In principle, however, these creators can also make their content available there free of charge.
December 29, 2023
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However, as with Onlyfans, special, unique, additional content is also possible, which can then be sold exclusively to users who want this bonus content. Individual elements can also be hidden until they are unlocked through purchase. In this article, you will learn exactly what BestFans is, how to sign up and, if you want to become a cretor, how it works.

How does BestFans work? – BestFans registration explained

BestFans is run by BestFans GmbH and its managing director Maximilian Peldszus. It is based in Hamburg. This makes BestFans a German company through and through, a detail that has a major impact on security, payment processing and the quality of the services offered. With BestFans, there has finally been a genuine and reputable alternative to Onlyfans since the beginning of 2020.

BestFans has a German and English language version and can be used on both PC and mobile. How it is possible to use the BestFans app will be discussed in more detail at the end. BestFans registration is free and can be completed within five minutes.

All you need is the following:

  • An e-mail address
  • Password (lowercase letter, uppercase letter, character)
  • A user name

All you need to do is confirm the email and your BestFans registration is complete. If you would like to register later or directly as a Creator, you will need the following in addition to these three things to get started: This data must correspond to your identity card and does not appear anywhere.

  • First name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • (Company type / company name – optional)
  • Street and house number
  • Zip code and place of residence
  • A social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, own website, Twitch, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok)
How does BestFans function

How does BestFans function?

Once you have registered, you will have access to various options. You can check your data, send messages, add a profile picture or decide to become a full-fledged creator. Once this is done, YOU are actually ready to find BestFans Creator or search for profiles. One of the biggest advantages of BestFans is that you don’t need a credit card for subscriptions.

Searching for profiles on BestFans – How to use the BestFans search?

At first glance, you will not find a BestFans search function. To find BestFans Creator, you need to understand how the search works. The answer will surprise you, because there is no actual BestFans search. You cannot search for BestFans profiles there. You have to be redirected to a Creator’s account through their link to know that they exist.

Now you have the following options:

  • Subscribe (access to all files, but for a fee)
  • Follow (updates on activities; free of charge)
  • Write a message (free of charge)

Finding interesting people on BestFans is really not that easy. It therefore makes sense to open your eyes and search specifically for people. In most cases, you can then access their BestFans page through their “usual” social media presence and either follow or subscribe there. On the profiles you will then usually see small, free appetizers of pictures, videos and links. If you have followed your first creator, you will find a list in the right-hand sidebar under “Subscribed by me”.

As soon as you have followed or subscribed to a creator, you can also send her messages. Of course, she does not have to reply (especially if you only follow her and have not subscribed), but this is very unlikely if you have a subscription. You have to search for BestFans profiles outside of the actual platform – but there is usually a link to your favorite BestFans on her Instagram profile or Big7 if she is a German camgirl.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Let’s now take a closer look at the individual advantages and disadvantages of BestFans. In fact, to start with, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is mainly due to the conditions that such a German site must fulfill. However, BestFans has made a virtue of the legal requirements and developed genuine, authentic concepts for a good user experience.

BestFans advantages:

  • Simple and secure payment methods: SEPA direct debit / Giropay
  • Alternative payment by credit card possible
  • Cost savings for subscriptions over several months
  • German-speaking customer support; available 24/7
  • 90% cancellation-free commissions for content creators
  • Complies with all German youth and data protection regulations
  • Particularly suitable for adult content and similar erotic content
  • Only 10% of the revenue has to be paid, not like 20% with Onlyfans or up to 40% on livecam websites.
  • Many useful comfort functions
  • Good user experience thanks to the clear design of the platform
  • Fast registration

BestFans disadvantages:

There is not really a BestFans search. Finding the BestFans profiles of creators must be done independently (via social media or other means).

BestFans costs and prices – How to pay on BestFans

What are the BestFans costs and prices? Basically, as already mentioned, use is free of charge. However, any additional content must be paid for or activated via a subscription to a content creator. This means that the costs for BestFans are very flexible and individual. They depend on how many content creators you want to support, how long and how high the individual monthly prices are.

Alternatively, you can often save money by taking out annual subscriptions. The two possible BestFans payment methods are payment by SEPA direct debit and payment by credit card (VISA and Mastercard). Payment with a normal bank card is child’s play and, unlike other Onylfans alternatives, does not require any major effort.

Payment is only due as soon as you want to subscribe to your first paid Creator. Regardless of which BestFans payment method you have chosen, you will then have immediate access to all the content already uploaded by the provider. No additional effort is required to pay on BestFans.

BestFans models and stars - Which celebrities are registered on BestFans

BestFans models and stars – Which celebrities are registered on BestFans?

Despite the somewhat opaque search function, there are many interesting and well-filled BestFans profiles of various models who are registered on the platform and regularly upload new content. In addition to the BestFans stars, this also includes a number of well-known celebrities from TV, music, erotic and camp portals. Many of these BestFans models are among the most beautiful and popular erotic influencers in Germany.

BestFans offers the exclusive opportunity to get in touch and interact with them for free. Anyone who has always wanted to have a video of their favorite performer will find what they are looking for here. Such additional content also costs extra, but in return you get authentic, unique insights that absolutely no one else can get. Take a look at the list below to see which celebrities are on BestFans.

These are the most popular BestFans models and stars:

  • Danni Büchner
  • Lisa Mouse
  • BestFans Nele
  • Aline Bachmann
  • Mama Kim
  • Yma Louisa
  • Dirty Tina
  • Lena Nitro
  • Laura Müller
  • Arnoux Alien
  • Julia Winter
  • Celly Illusion 96
  • Gina Lisa
  • Stellina
  • Camouflage mitzii
  • Gymbunny
  • El Deseo
  • Celina
  • Sylvie Wind

Here you will regularly find new exciting BestFans models:


Content creators can also introduce themselves on the official BestFans Reddit forum, which is very popular. Here you can also discuss with other users whether it is worth purchasing the content of a particular BestFans model:

These stars and celebrities are on BestFans. The platform’s official Twitter also regularly features new and worthwhile BestFans accounts for you to choose from, so subscribing to BestFans on Twitter (or Instagram) is also worthwhile. Alternatively, you can also scroll through one of the platforms to search for exciting BestFans profiles.

BestFans experience and test - How does the premium social media site compare

BestFans experience and test – How does the premium social media site compare?

In a direct comparison with Onlyfans, Unlockd, Fanseven and others, BestFans performs very well. The BestFans experiences of the editorial team coincide with those of many users already active on the platform, as well as with the authentic voices of the creators. The only real disadvantage of BestFans is the lack of an Explore page, which could have been designed better, but is a problem with practically ALL premium social media applications.

Therefore, this small disadvantage is bearable. What speaks in favor of the site, however, are the simple and clear payment methods, even with invoice. On the content creator side, BestFans only takes 10% instead of the industry standard 20-40%, another big and weighty advantage. Furthermore, the user interface is really intuitive to use, very clear and also visually simply worth seeing.

In direct comparison to Onlyfans, the ease of use stands out in particular. On Onlyfans, it tends to take a few more steps to upload, comment or send messages than on BestFans. These convenient and streamlined improvements to the user experience are really refreshing.

Pricing can be much more detailed and far-reaching with a greater focus on longer-term subscriptions. Finally, the SEPA direct debit payment method is a significant advantage as only 20% of German internet users have a credit card. The BestFans experience has been further enhanced by the fact that the follow function and the free messaging function, which is not available on Onlyfans, are useful additions to the overall package.

How it works: Delete your BestFans account or cancel your subscription

If you are no longer interested in subscribing to a Cretor, you can cancel your BestFans subscription. All you have to do is click on your profile and select “Subscribed by me” in the right-hand menu bar. Now search for the BestFans profile you want to cancel and click on “unsubscribe” or “unfollow”.

If you want to delete your BestFans account instead, you have to proceed a little differently. Here too, you must first open the menu bar again. This time, however, move the cursor to Settings and click on “Account settings”. Now scroll all the way down and find the “Deactivate account” tab. You can now cancel BestFans by clicking on this button.

Is there a BestFans app and if so, where is it available?

Unfortunately, there is no BestFans app available directly from the Android or Apple store. However, to access BestFans directly, you can create a shortcut on your smartphone. This now replaces the BestFans app. The shortcut opens a new browser window and takes you straight to your account. Any notifications will also be displayed there.

Install BestFans widget for Android users – The BestFans app alternative:

1. open the Chrome browser on your mobile device and go to the BestFans strategy page.
2. now click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen
3. then select the “Add to home screen” hand symbol and create a shortcut on your home screen.
4. click on the shortcut to go directly to BestFans.

Instructions for Apple users: Here’s how it works

1. go to your browser as normal and go to the BestFans homepage
2. now click on the button with the arrow pointing upwards at the bottom center of your browser window
3. a drop-down menu will now open. From this, select the “Add to home screen” tab and confirm by clicking “Add”.
4. the icon should now appear on your home screen.

Frequently asked questions:

Is BestFans free of charge?

If this question is unclear, it is understandable. BestFans registration is free, as is browsing through the creators. What is chargeable are the creators’ subscriptions and the additional premium content. What does BestFans cost in figures? All costs between zero euros and several thousand euros are possible due to the flexibility.

However, most users will not spend more than one Netflix subscription per month on BestFans. The subscriptions usually cost between 5 and 15 euros per month. The costs therefore depend on how many BestFans models you want to subscribe to. BestFans can therefore be used free of charge, but most people will spend some money. In addition, the additional content is always individual and therefore almost never free.

Can I pay with Paypal on BestFans?

Unfortunately this is not possible, but also not necessary. Paypal has a strict aversion to any platform that offers erotic content, including BestFans, Onylfans or camp portals. As soon as a purchase is potentially possible there, Paypal can no longer be used. However, as BestFans is a German provider, you can pay by SEPA direct debit instead. You have purchased from a Hamburg marketing company – without any reference to 18+ content.

Is BestFans reputable or safe to use?

Is the BestFans portal a reputable and secure model or is it not recommended due to legal or data protection concerns? So is BestFans safe? This is an interesting question, but one that can basically be answered in the negative. BestFans is subject to all regular German laws and implements them consistently.

The use of the platform is 100% legally secure and is also suitable for men and women who want to produce erotic or so-called adult content. In addition to the German Youth Protection Act, the secure payment methods also ensure maximum anonymity and data security. This makes BestFans reputable and also very safe to use.

Is there a BestFans hack to be found online or on Reddit?

In fact, the question of the existence of so-called BestFans hacks comes up again and again. Such a BestFans hack can of course be found on the internet and on Reddit and contains various exclusive images of content creators. However, most of these so-called hacks are not actually “real” hacks and should therefore be referred to as BestFans leaks in this case.

Rather, groups of interested BestFans users have joined forces and purchased an individual subscription as a group. The content was copied using screenshots and screen captures and then made available to others. This procedure is also not legally flawless, but it is difficult to check and take action against it due to the rapid distribution and the great difficulty in tracing it.

Can BestFans be used anonymously?

Of course you can use BestFans anonymously. As a regular BestFans user, the most you can do is reveal your identity via your profile picture – otherwise identification is practically impossible.

As a creator, this is naturally somewhat more difficult. Firstly, you can control where you post your link to your profile and secondly, you can also make certain geo-targeting settings. This allows you to block certain IP addresses, such as the country (not recommended for Germany!) and certain individual IP addresses.

Editors' verdict_ BestFans is a worthwhile OnlyFans alternative

Editors’ verdict: BestFans is a worthwhile OnlyFans alternative

Summarizing everything, it quickly becomes clear that BestFans has some interesting advantages that are worth recommending, especially for German-speaking users, and which pay off in the short and long term. First of all, no credit card is required, payments and subscriptions are anonymous, registration and BestFans account creation are child’s play.

BestFans is very pretty to look at, hassle-free and intuitive to use, so you don’t have to click through forever to get what you want. Not least because of this good user experience, BestFans can clearly be described as the official German Onlyfans counterpart and is therefore definitely worth signing up for.

Rating: 9.5 / 10 – Very good!

BestFans models and creators – How to become a successful erotic influencer there

To become a successful content creator on BestFans, you can follow practically all the tips and tricks that also promise success for Onlyfans. If you really want to get started, there are few things better than a detailed guide to adult influencing. The Premium Onlyfans Guide from Prestige101 can also be used without compromise on BestFans to maximize your sales.

You will also find a comprehensive selection on this website, for example to promote your BestFans account on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Co. If you have any further questions or are looking for expert help on all topics relating to your business as an influencer in the adult sector, please feel free to write an email using the contact form. BestFans is particularly suitable (not only in terms of marketing) if you combine it with a Big7 account. You can find out more about Big7 here:

How much does BestFans earn?

Your earnings on BestFans naturally depend on how many fans you have and how big your social media presence or popularity is. With the help of the camgirl income calculator, you can also calculate your BestFans earnings accordingly and clarify for yourself how much subscription you want to charge.

As a rule of thumb, 1-3% of your fans on social media will subscribe depending on the cost you set. For example, with 5000 fans and a price of 5 euros, this would be 5000 x 0.03 x 5 equals 750 euros per month. In addition, there is of course the additional content you can offer, which makes up the bulk of the profit on BestFans.

What BestFans alternatives are there?

In addition to the top dog Onlyfans, there are other providers such as Finya, FenSeven etc. All of these freemium social media applications basically offer the same functions, albeit with differences in detail.

If you would like to expand this type of erotic business with a second mainstay, camp portals are particularly suitable. Due to the same operator, we recommend using BestFans Big7, as in this case you can also advertise your BestFans account there. BestFans GmbH belongs to the same group of companies as Big7, which means that it also has many years of extensive experience in the adult entertainment business.



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