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Maloum experiences: Test and review of the portal

In this article, we introduce you to the Maloum portal and how it stands out positively from OnlyFans and its other "clones". To say it up front, the portal offers some currently unique advantages on the market of erotic community providers that make it interesting for both creators and users. So if you are looking for a real, German OnlyFans alternative, then be sure to read on.
December 29, 2023
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The first major community platform to come into the international spotlight was OnlyFans, and even there the big breakthrough only came with the events of 2020.

But what was missing until now was a real alternative from the DACH region. And not just one that is simply the same from Europe, but one that offers real improvements in the areas where OnlyFans is still weak.

This is Maloum – The BDSM and fetish network at a glance

Before we get into the test, here’s an overview for you. The online platform for adults is primarily aimed at people who want to live out their sexual kinks in a protected environment. On the one hand, this means that everyone is welcome, but also that the creators and users here are not only interested in the standard that OF or cam platforms such as BongaCams offer.

This category or preference is served very intensively on Maloum:

  • BDSM
  • body positivity
  • feet
  • Latex
  • Sex Education
  • Underwear
  • Stockings
  • Socks
  • Shoes

Instead, the focus here is on fetishes and preferences that are somewhat outside the mainstream. So if you are into many of the things that do not fall into the erotic “vanilla” area, then the portal is definitely worth a try, because registration is completely free and uncomplicated.

In addition, the platform works with certified verification services so that the chance of any fake accounts is almost completely ruled out. This also ensures that you can really live out your preferences free from any social pressure and get in touch with people who are looking for the same sexual experiences.

What is special about Maloum compared to the competition

What is special about Maloum compared to the competition?

Maloum has a unique advantage that cannot be praised enough. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the competition and why this advantage is so important. Although OnlyFans, 4based and co. also offer numerous sharing, commenting and chat functions, they lack what has made Instagram and TikTok great and still ensures their huge popularity.

We are talking about the Explore function. As there is no Explore function on OnlyFans, for example, new subscribers have to be directed to the platform and primarily to their own profile from outside. This not only increases the marketing effort, but is THE difficulty in earning a lot of money with eroticism. You open an OnlyFans account and advertise on Instagram. As a result, you get banned there.

Maloum is a different story. The portal has an integrated, specially developed, intelligent discovery algorithm that ensures that, as with Instagram and TikTok, your erotic pictures and videos are played out to people who are into your type of sexual preference. This means that you do not have to (but cannot) advertise your profile on other platforms, but as a creator you can reach Maloum users directly where they are registered.

As a user, you can therefore directly find men and women who offer exactly what you like and as a creator or erotic influencer, you can reach the right people with your content without wastage. This gives both sides an advantage and anyone who has used TikTok knows how helpful such an algorithm can be. So there’s no more tedious searching, but the opportunity to make direct contact and also sell your own products (custom images, videos or physical objects).

Data security and reliability are a top priority in the DACH region

Both billing (by credit card) and earnings (with various payout options) are transmitted securely and anonymously in accordance with data protection laws. So you don’t have to worry about account security. Anyone can register anonymously and free of charge. There are therefore no hidden prices to be aware of. But Maloum is not only very transparent, it is also secure, which is guaranteed by passport verification. This means that everyone you interact with there is a real person and of legal age.

How does Maloum work?

Simply click here to register on Maloum. All you need is a valid e-mail address, a user name, a password and your identity card (passport or driver’s license) if you want to register as a creator. After confirming your account by e-mail and receiving the code, you will be taken to the start menu.

Here, the very intuitive user interface immediately points out its inspirations, because the core of Maloum is the Explore function. You should start by defining the categories you prefer in order to display mainly content from them. The content is divided into two areas. One is the free content to be discovered and the other is the premium paid content.

These actions are possible on Maloum:

  • Browse through the Explore page
  • Customize the Explore page
  • Upload images
  • Comment on content
  • Like content
  • Exchange private messages
  • Upload and buy / sell products

If you want to access payment elements, the shopping cart will open automatically where you can enter your credit information. If you would like to add a payment account instead, you will find the necessary fields in the left sidebar under the heading “Revenue”.

Our conclusion: Maloum test and editorial experience

The editorial team tested Maloum extensively and was very positively surprised. There are a whole range of factors that speak in favor of the platform, especially in direct comparison with the competition. Based on these advantages, we then evaluated whether it is worthwhile for both users and content creators to register there.

These advantages characterize Maloum

  • Own feed: Maloum has its “own” feed. This means that the content creators you subscribe to and their posts are displayed here. This means you can tailor it completely to your needs.
  • Explore feed: The big advantage of Maloum lies in the portal’s Explore algorithm. Similar to TikTok and Instagram, the feed learns what kind of content you particularly like and suggests creators from the area.
  • Secure use: All EU standards are met in terms of deposits and withdrawals as well as data protection.
  • Design quality and mobile optimization: The application is state-of-the-art in terms of design and has been fully optimized for use on smartphones (regardless of whether Apple or Android devices). The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Unique: If you are into BDSM, fetishes or other kinks that are not necessarily mainstream, then this is the platform of your choice. Nowhere else will you find the same variety of content creators from these areas so easily.

The editors rate the relevant aspects of Maloum as very well thought out and uncomplicated. When creating the portal, explicit attention was paid to solving the inherent weaknesses of the competition.

In addition, the mobile usability in particular appeals to a demanding, modern audience. There’s no “mess” here as with many competitors, but a first-class designed and implemented overall concept. For this reason, it can only be recommended to anyone who is active and/or interested outside the vanilla sex scene.

Overall rating: 9.7 / 10

The only real fly in the ointment is the low number of users. However, this will probably change over time, as it is steadily increasing. The more people from the fetish sector I register, the better the portal works. That’s why there is a small deduction to leave room for improvement. However, the fact that Maloum has tackled the problems of the industry should be commended once again.

These advantages characterize Maloum

Frequently asked questions:

Is Maloum free to use?

Maloum is free for everyone, both in terms of registration and basic use. The type of profile, whether creator or user, is irrelevant. Costs are only incurred when premium content ends up in the shopping cart on the platform.

Where can I register with Maloum?

The Maloum homepage is the best way to get to the registration or login page. Click on the link or one of the banners to register directly with Maloum for free and then enjoy your kink. If you want to become a Creator, all you need is a recording device for matching, such as a webcam or your smartphone. Simply hold your passport or driver’s license in front of the camera and match it with your face. The certified assistant will guide you easily and safely through all the necessary steps.

Maloum from a Creator perspective – a useful alternative to OF and cams or not?

How does it look from the Creator’s point of view? Is Maloum just as convincing here? The answer here is also positive and there are various reasons for this. As mentioned above, the Explore page plays a particularly prominent role, but it doesn’t end there, because the opportunities to earn money are not limited to purely digital content.

In other words, as a creator, you can also offer physical products that your fans want. This includes shoes, physical pictures, stockings, sex toys, surprise boxes and much more. No extensive creation of an online store necessary.

Simply upload pictures of the product, add a short description and assign categories. The subscription functions have also been improved compared to OnlyFans and are more detailed.

Finally, it is the payout functions that make things much easier for you. Since American companies do not want to be bound by European obligations regarding invoices and payout slips, there are often problems with the tax authorities, especially with higher earnings. With Maloum’s payout functions, however, there are definitely no such problems, as everything is regulated according to DACH standards.



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