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Earning Money on OnlyFans as a Man – How You Can Make Money with OnlyFans

OnlyFans is not just a promising source of income for women and female influencers but can also be very lucrative for men. However, there are some criteria to consider, which are a bit different for men than for women. We will get to that later. First, it's important to know that earnings on OF can be good.
November 13, 2023
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To make money on OnlyFans as a man, one should start off correctly and first ask oneself to whom the account really appeals. If you already have experience as a Camboy or want to become a porn actor or earn money with sex, then OnlyFans is an excellent addition or a start for your career in the erotic business.

Can Men make Money on OnlyFans?

Let’s first address the most important question: can men actually make money on OnlyFans, or is it reserved for female influencers? This question can be answered with a clear “No.” However, it is important to differentiate who you are targeting and what you are offering.

If you do not cover erotic content like cooking, fitness, nutrition, or certain niches like music/fishing, etc., then the same rules apply as for women in these areas, although men with the right body in the fitness area can earn significantly more than women.

If we are talking about the erotic business, you must choose between heterosexual and homosexual content. Generally, alongside fetish models, homosexual OnlyFans creators earn the highest average income. A gay man who produces content for other gays typically earns five times as much as a woman. So, you can definitely earn a decent amount of money there as a man.

The question still remains whether this also works as a heterosexual man. Here you have several options. On one hand, you can sell yourself to other men by publishing couple content with (various) hot women, preferably other OF creators, or you try to appeal particularly well to women, for which you should have a well-built body.

Experience in the Porn Industry: Why Choose OnlyFans as a Source of Income?

Can Men make Money on OnlyFans

You might now wonder why choose OnlyFans as a source of income. There are already similar offerings like Pornhub or Instagram and Co. However, that is not entirely true. OnlyFans offers numerous useful and helpful functions to its creators, allowing you to bind your subscribers to you long-term and enabling you to achieve regular and therefore plannable income through the subscription function.

Moreover, you keep more of your earnings, as OnlyFans only retains 20% of the income. Other competitors often turn the tables. OF is also easy to use from the user’s perspective and quite self-explanatory, so you can interact with your fans without any problems. Furthermore, OF offers the chance, with the appropriate commitment, to achieve very high profits that can finance your life in a month.

Numbers and Facts: How Much Money Can a Man Make with OnlyFans?

Basically, there are two rules. The first rule that has been established on OnlyFans is that between 1% and 3% of your followers on social networks will subscribe to you. The exact number varies depending on the amount you charge for your subscription. Normal men and women should not charge more than 10 euros per month – at 15 euros, you already see higher losses.

On average, the monthly subscription costs for women are 3 euros. For men, it’s 5 euros and for homosexual men, it’s 15 euros. If you now have 3000 followers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., and start your OnlyFans account – then you can initially expect about 3000 x 0.02 (2%) x 10.00 euros equals 600.00 euros with an average of 60 followers on OF.

Starting from the Beginning: How to Start with OnlyFans?

If you are just starting out, then you should start with OnlyFans by registering here and setting up your account. In our course or guide, you can find helpful tips and tricks. Then it’s important that you decide on a niche. There are various possibilities here, depending on whether you want to create content for a male audience or for women.

Niche content is also interesting. Since these contents are much rarer, fans who have this fetish also pay much higher sums. For example, you could set up a channel that is also interesting for heterosexual men as a “woman tester,” where you produce sex videos with other erotic, amateur, or OnlyFans performers and make them available to your subscribers.

It is not impossible to set up a successful OnlyFans account as a man that at least brings in a good side income. Central to your success on OnlyFans is building a loyal subscriber base that is also growing. This is achieved by advertising on social networks. TikTok and Reddit are the most suitable for this. Especially Reddit is an exceptionally good way to market an optimized OF account for free to a large audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Men Do OnlyFans?

You can only answer this question for yourself. Depending on the view, there are different statements. More conservative people would probably answer “No” to at least erotic content for various reasons. More progressive people tend to a “Yes” to the question. Nevertheless, you should only decide on this step if you are ready to earn money with sex. You should always be at peace with yourself.

Becoming Known on OnlyFans – How Does It Work?

If you now want to become known on OnlyFans, there are various ways to do this. Basically, it is important to build up as large a fan base as possible within the “ordinary” social networks like Instagram, TikTok, or similar apps. Since there is no direct search function on OF, you have to link people from the outside to your account. Practically every social platform is suitable for this. Whether you want to use Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, TikTok, or cam platforms for this purpose.

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Where to Advertise for OnlyFans?

Use one of the above links or check out the entire Premium Social Media Guide to know where and especially how to perfectly advertise for OnlyFans on social networks. A good start is still Instagram if you rely on many pictures. If you want to create more anonymous content, Reddit is the absolute best recommendation.

Do guys make money on OnlyFans?

Yes, men can make money on OnlyFans. Success on the platform is largely based on building a dedicated following and offering unique, engaging content. Men from various niches, including fitness, modeling, and lifestyle, have found financial success on OnlyFans, although the level of success can vary widely based on factors like content quality, marketing strategy, and audience engagement.

How do men promote OnlyFans?

how much earn men on onlyfans

Men can promote their OnlyFans accounts by leveraging social media platforms, creating compelling and regular content, engaging with followers, and using targeted marketing strategies like collaborations, cross-promotion with other creators, and SEO optimization. Utilizing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where they can share teasers or safe-for-work content, can be effective in driving traffic to their OnlyFans page.

How much do guys earn on OnlyFans?

Earnings for men on OnlyFans vary widely based on factors like content niche, audience size, engagement rate, and consistency of content creation. Some men may earn a few hundred dollars per month, while popular creators in high-demand niches can earn significantly more.

Top earners on the platform can make thousands to tens of thousands of dollars monthly, but such success typically requires strategic marketing and a strong, loyal subscriber base.



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