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OnlyFans Tip Menu

A tip menu on OnlyFans is a simple yet effective way to provide subscribers with a transparent overview of the services you offer. It allows fans to see what you provide and at what price, helping them decide what type of content they want from you.
November 12, 2023
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Without a tip menu, many followers may not know what they can receive from you, leading to potential loss of income. Creating a tip menu is straightforward and can be uploaded on OnlyFans as a PDF or image.

The perfekt Contents of an OnlyFans Tip Menu

Your tip menu should list everything you offer, depending on your niche or content type. For erotic content, this could include personalized videos, voice messages (dirty talk), and pictures. For other areas like nutrition, it might feature additional customized diet plans.

Transparency is key, so ensure each service is accompanied by its price. This reduces time spent on price negotiations. The more visually appealing and clear your tip menu is, the more likely subscribers are to engage.

Checklist for OnlyFans Tip Menu:

  • hysical products like prints, merchandise, digital products, or (worn) clothing.
  • Videos
  • Picture sets
  • Selfie sets
  • (Erotic) voice messages
  • Girlfriend talk
  • PDFs and educational content
  • Shoutouts
  • Plans
  • Music
  • Personalized birthday wishes, greetings, etc.
  • Custom costumes in pictures/videos
  • Paid manicure or pedicure
  • Paid shopping trips

Example of an OnlyFans Tip Menu

Here’s an example of a high-quality OnlyFans tip menu in both German and English, detailing a model’s prices and offerings. The higher quality the menu, the more likely fans will utilize your services.

Crafting an Effective OnlyFans Tip Menu

beispiel-tip-menue-onlyfans.pngCreating a compelling OnlyFans tip menu is crucial for boosting your account’s profitability. A well-designed menu not only provides a clear list of services and prices but also enhances the fan experience, leading to increased sales and subscriptions.

  1. Importance of a Tip Menu: Tips and Pay-Per-View (PPV) content can often be more profitable than regular subscriptions. A detailed and appealing tip menu can significantly increase these earnings​​.
  2. Diversifying Offerings: Your tip menu should reflect the variety of content you offer. This can range from explicit content and virtual dates to personalized services like erotic voice clips or worn clothing. Custom content, although more effort-intensive, can be highly profitable. Including a diverse range of offerings caters to different subscriber interests and boosts sales​​.
  3. Non-NSFW Options: Adding non-explicit options such as birthday shoutouts, fitness tips, one-on-one chats, or personalized video messages can appeal to a broader audience and make your main content more enticing​​.
  4. Pricing Strategies: Set prices based on the effort involved and market rates. For ready-made content, prices can vary widely. Custom content, due to its personalized nature, can command higher prices. It’s essential to balance pricing to attract sales while valuing your effort. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your pricing based on market trends and feedback is beneficial​​.
  5. Menu Design and Accessibility: Utilize free templates from platforms like Canva and Pinterest to start designing your menu. For a unique touch, consider hiring freelancers for customization. Ensure your menu is clear, concise, and respects your boundaries. Pinning the menu to your profile ensures easy access for subscribers​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need an OnlyFans Tip Menu?

While not mandatory, a tip menu can significantly benefit your OnlyFans account. Creating one is easier than it seems, with tools like or offering simple ways to design menus.

Where Can I Get a Professional OnlyFans Tip Menu?

You can find web designers on platforms like Fiverr offering affordable services. German-speaking creators can also approach OnlyFans agencies that design customized menus, allowing you to match them with your content and maintain your personal brand.



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