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The best OnlyFans Alternatives

If you are looking for premium social media portals like OnlyFans on the internet or are a little unsure whether you can profit from selling your content on OnlyFans in the long term - also because OnlyFans once wanted to ban all adult performers from its platform for a short time - then you are probably looking for safe OnlyFans alternatives.
December 29, 2023
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In fact, there are a number of similar platforms, even some from Europe, that either have most of the same features as OnlyFans or even specialize in some communities.

Due to OnlyFan’s public policy, these alternatives are also becoming more prominent, as unlike OF, they show no signs of banning sexual content in the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, OnlyFans is still the top dog that you can benefit from due to the high level of trust that users place in it. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for Onlyfans here. Since the platforms and Onlyfans alternatives are not mutually exclusive, it is also possible for you to run several such portals at the same time and thus maximize your cash payout.

What OnlyFans alternatives are there?

Due to the restrictions imposed in 2020, many online providers of adult entertainment have been able to establish themselves on the market for premium social media sites, including various alternatives in addition to OnlyFans, some of which have been relaunched, others have been relaunched and have been able to consolidate due to the high number of users. This was also due to the simple and easy-to-understand operation of these providers.

OnlyFan’s alternatives are no longer difficult to use, but are just as intuitive today as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram etc. With a few exceptions, all of these alternatives offer subscription models as well as the option to buy additional, individual content from the respective content creator.

However, some of the platforms have their own focus, such as, which also specializes in video content.

The best Onlyfans alternatives at a glance

The best OnlyFans alternatives at a glance:

  • The best european-language Onlyfans alternatives: BestFans, Maloum, FanCentro
  • For harder content with only 15% fee: Unlockd, AdultNode
  • Biggest match with Onlyfans: AVN Stars, Loyalfans
  • No hard sexual content, but subscription system: Patreon, Fangage, Modelhub
  • Specialization in videos: manyvids
  • For BDSM and money slavery: Moneydom, Big7
  • Content for homosexuals, especially gays: Just for Fans
  • Other good alternatives for content creators: , Bongacams, MyDirtyHobby, Chaturbate.

What makes a good OnlyFans alternative?

When choosing your Onlyfans alternative, you should of course first pay attention to the amount of the payout to you as a content creator. Whether you only have to cede 10%, 20% or 40% to the site operators makes a big difference. The intuitive usability of the site also plays a role, of course. The simpler and easier it is to understand, the better and faster you can work with the site and earn money there.

You should also always look at the other side, namely from the perspective of your customer or regular site user. A site that fails at this point will not attract as many users as the competition, which means that you will ultimately earn less, and it should be said in confidence that Onlyfans models and camgirls can earn a lot after just a few months.

[Update 12/21/2023]

Top OnlyFans alternatives recommendations

Bestfans - the best onlyfans alternative from Europe

Bestfans – the Alternative from Europe

BestFans is a very modern, visually clear and easy-to-use alternative to OnlyFans, and it comes directly from Germany. BestFans belongs to the same group of companies as the camgirl platform Big7.

With a 90% revenue share, BestFans offers one of the highest possible fees for you as a content creator. BestFans’ support is very fast and extremely helpful, especially because they have German-speaking staff who can solve your problems quickly. BestFans also offers the advantage that users can pay by current account – many German users do not have a credit card, so this problem is solved for you.

—> You can register for Bestfans here

maloum - The secure OnlyFans alternative for kink, BSDMS and fetish

Maloum – The German, secure OnlyFans alternative for kink, BSDMS and fetish

The editors were won over by an alternative that was launched in 2023. We are talking about Maloum. This secure platform from the DACH region is perfectly tailored for German creators and users who are primarily into kinks from the BDSM and fetish sector.

The application impresses with its modern and intuitive design. It is also easy to use and has been successfully optimized for mobile devices. Due to the numerous positive features, including the much-needed Explore feed, it can be said that the platform is definitely worth a look.

—> You can register with Maloum here

Fanvue - The fastest growing English Onlyfans alternative

Fanvue- The fastest growing English OnlyFans alternative

Fanvue is another very good OnlyFans alternative that combines the advantages of OF with the structure of Instagram without not adding its own touch. Fanvues has very good filter options to find the content you like based on the Explore page. Similar to cam platforms, you can see who is currently online, who is trending and what many other users particularly like.

Another advantage of  Favue are the “contests” that the platform regularly organizes and in which performers can also win something and the discover function. The higher quality the content you produce and submit, the more users will become aware of you, which can create a spiral of success. Fanvue also offers a fair payout model in which you can keep a large part of the earnings yourself.

—> You can sign up for Fanvue here

FanCentro - The best Onlyfans alternative with a strong Explore page

FanCentro – The best OnlyFans alternative with a strong Explore page: Here you will be found!

FanCentro is probably the biggest premium social media site on the net alongside OnlyFans. This is not only due to similar functions and roughly the same functionality, but also to the many matching offers. The site is easy to use and very clear for both content creators and fans. Many functions and formats from Instagram are also integrated.

However, the biggest advantage over OnlyFans is the very good German localization (language translation) and the presence of an “Explore Page”. On the homepage, a fan can search for new content creators (in the default setting, who speak their language; choice of: German, English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and French). Registration is very simple and straightforward.

The social media feed on FanCentro is very reminiscent of earlier social media sites, is very clear and easy to understand for the user. You can post all kinds of content on FanCentro and if you perform very well there, you will appear high up on the homepage.

—> You can register with FanCentro here

LoyalFans - The _Snapchat variant_ among the Onylfans alternatives

LoyalFans – The “Snapchat variant” among the OnlyFans alternatives

LoyalFans is to OnlyFans as Snapchat is to Instagram, where the former places greater emphasis on building a content-filled profile, the latter focuses on the value of interpersonal and personal relationships, which is why LoyalFans has numerous features that Snapchat also has. The exceptionally high-quality design and the extremely aesthetic user interface for both models and fans speak for themselves.

LoyalFans offers various shout-out functions for content creators, various competitions and is easy to understand and use. LoyalFans offers some of the best streams in the highest quality, as well as an integrated video store. LoyalFans also provides its performers with an incredible amount of help in the form of blog posts and other helpful guides. The support is well organized and the platform tries to constantly support the registered creators.

—> Click here to register on Loyalfans

unlockd - Onlyfan's premium class alternative

Unlockd – OnlyFans premium class alternative

Unlockd is the perfect OnlyFans alternative. Not only can the design of the site easily keep up with Onlyfans and the other competitors, but Unlockd has many unique features that make the platform special. These include the usability of Cam2Cam chats, SEPA bank transfer, 85% of earnings can be kept and a success-based Explore page. If you earn well on Unlockd, the platform will reward you extra for your efforts.

All Onlyfans functions are available, whether it’s private messages, individual videos and pictures, the private chronicle with media content and any other products. Uploading upsell products (such as ready-made images and video sets), which can also be purchased by your fans, is also very good.

Unlockd can be seamlessly linked to your private Snpachat, offers extensive analysis tools to better assess your users, GEO blocking functions and particularly good copy protection for the content you offer. This makes Unlockd the editors’ insider tip.

—> Click here to register on Unlockd

Rather in front of the camera? These cam platforms are the perfect OnlyFans alternative and addition

If you are not only interested in setting up your own Onlyfans business, but are also considering working as a camgirl, then you should take a closer look at these top European providers. You can register on these sites and start earning good money straight away. The big advantage is that these sites show you to new users and thus offer a kind of “explore page” – something that OnlyFans does not have.

You can also gather a loyal and larger following of users who are interested in harder and more personalized content from you. Subsequently, these visitors can also be motivated to subscribe to your OnlyFans or one of the other platforms mentioned above. This turns cam platforms into second income streams and also acts as an advertising tool for you, effectively and completely free of charge.

The best cam platforms as an Onlyfans alternative:

The integration of Lovense – The ultimate tool for all OnlyFans models and camgirls.



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