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Get OnlyFans followers – How to increase OnlyFans reach

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December 10, 2023
Now success on OnlyFans

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Have you opened an OnlyFans account and are now wondering how you can get a higher reach and/or more followers? Then this guide is just the thing for you, because getting reach on OnlyFans is not that difficult if you know how to do it properly.

In addition to using an OnlyFans course to increase your number of followers, your own advertising is the cornerstone of your success on OnlyFans. Advertising allows you to grow continuously. Getting fans on OnlyFans is easier than many people think if you know the right places to place these ads.

If you know the typical offers on Instagram and Facebook, then you should also be warned here, because most OnlyFans follower sellers are just as dubious as there. But there are also serious options.

Get more OnlyFans followers

Get more OnlyFans followers – This is how you should proceed

To get more OnlyFans fans, you first need more accounts on the major social media platforms. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit are the most suitable. Alternatively, you can also try Snapchat and Twitter.

Collaborations with other existing OnlyFans orators are also excellent. Here it is worth working together and either buying a post from larger OnlyFans accounts or creating joint content and having it linked to your account. You should make sure that the person falls into roughly the same category as you in order to increase the chance of gaining additional fans.

Getting more OnlyFans followers is primarily a question of perseverance. By posting regularly, the number of your fans will increase permanently.

You should note that OnlyFans does not offer an Explore page, so you are completely responsible for your own advertising.

The four social networks mentioned above are the best way to get started.

Getting a bigger OnlyFans reach through Reddit – instructions and tips

Reddit is one of the best ways to get a larger OnlyFans reach. You create an account there and then start posting articles in suitable subreddits. For example, if you have a short video of yourself practicing naked yoga, you can post it and your OnlyFans link in the appropriate subreddit.

  • For more general images or GIFs, it is possible to share a post you have posted once several times in several subreddits by so-called cross-posting. You can find out exactly how to do this in our OnlyFans course.
  • Once you have created such a post, including an exciting caption that whets your appetite for more, you can sit back and relax, because the follower numbers on OnlyFans will slowly start to increase.
  • You can also create your own subreddit for yourself. Practically every big internet star has their own forum full of dedicated fans and followers.

You can greet new people there with a welcome message that includes provocative pictures and a link to your OnlyFans account. However, Reddit costs time: you should definitely invest one hour a day in it.

Get new Onlyfans fans – This is particularly easy with TikTok

If you prefer this method, you will usually receive direct feedback. But you shouldn’t get too attached to your account, because it will probably be blocked. However, this is not so bad, because in the end a new one will simply be created. The aim of your TikTok 18+ is to immediately attract the attention of new followers.

In your sexy videos and GIFs on TikTok, you should present your assets (face, breasts, butt, provocative dances, etc.) accordingly. Of course, you are not allowed to show any overly hard erotic or erotic content here, but must work with suggestive content. Tight TikTok leggings or yoga pants are therefore perfectly suited as items of clothing.

Viral TikToks usually generate 20-30 fans per video if they have a wide reach. With an average subscription price of 10 euros, this can be between 200 and 300 euros per video. If you manage to do this more often per month, your income will be correspondingly high. Nevertheless, it is best to pursue a dual strategy and rely on both Reddit and TikTok for your OnlyFans marketing.

get more OnlyFans fans

How long does it take to get more OnlyFans fans?

This question is difficult to answer because it always depends on your time investment. The more time you invest in your own advertising, the more followers you will get on OnlyFans. Continuous posting on social networks, paired with Reddit, Telegram and targeted link distribution as well as cooperation with other creators are the best way to achieve a four-digit income after just three months.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it worth buying offers, fans or followers on OnlyFans?

This must be answered in the negative. Such offers are usually extremely dubious. The fans are not real people, but fake accounts that have been created. We strongly advise you not to accept such an offer. It is better to pay social media agencies to do the posting on social networks such as Reddit or Instagram for you.

Get a higher OnlyFans reach – This really is the dream of many new content creators, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In theory, you can do all the advertising yourself, provided you invest enough time in new content. Of course, this must also be posted afterwards. If you also want to become a camgirl, these platforms are also a good way to increase your number of followers on Onlyfans.

How does the OnlyFans course from OnlyFans-Guide help me to get more Onlyfans followers?

The premium social media course for OnlyFans and Co. is primarily about how to create your OnlyFans account correctly and what content can be posted. The second half of the 300-page guide focuses on marketing.

Here you will learn the exact procedure for Reddit, TikTok, Tinder, cam portals and the usual OnlyFans alternatives in order to gain new fans there.

What do I need to do to increase my reach on OnlyFans?

Your advertising material should look like the nice girl next door. A nice, friendly smile and an open charisma are particularly important. You should also wear very little make-up and it is essential to ensure that the pictures are well lit.

No matter where you post, the following rule applies: Always read the platform’s guidelines first to avoid being banned. With these simple rules, it won’t take long to get more OnlyFans followers and keep them, because customer loyalty is also important.

Conclusion: Becoming known on OnlyFans – What you have to do

If you want to become known on OnlyFans, it’s not enough to simply start an OnlyFans account and hope for the best. No, you have to become active on your own and diligently and constantly publish new posts with your OnlyFans link in the social networks. If you do this regularly, then becoming known on OnlyFans is just a matter of time.



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