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10 Tips for More Fans on OnlyFans

Everyone wants to simply gain more fans on OnlyFans – Sometimes, however, slow growth or decline can be demoralizing and severely affect one's self-image – or self-esteem. To prevent this from happening to you, there are numerous useful tips for gaining more fans on OnlyFans, which can help you significantly increase your income and reach there.
November 12, 2023
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Not every tip is applicable to every model and of course, not all can be implemented at the same time, as time is a crucial factor in tips for more OnlyFans fans, if not the most important. On OnlyFans, it’s clear: Advertising or promotion is everything! Additionally, OnlyFans does not offer an Explore Page, which means you have to take charge of marketing for your account. You can find out how to do this here.

Getting More Fans on OnlyFans

Gaining more fans on OnlyFans, especially in the beginning, is a very lengthy and difficult task. Here, you must not be blinded by the success stories circulating on the internet. On average, the marketing quote for flyer advertising applies to OnlyFans. In other words, 1-3% of your fans on other social media platforms typically convert from Instagram, Twitter, etc., to OnlyFans. So, with a hundred subscribers on Instagram, this would normally equate to one fan.

A good way to get fans at the start of your OnlyFans account is to communicate with your established followers. You can ask them if they would support you on OnlyFans and also follow up with what they can expect from you there. The higher the engagement rate of your followers, the more likely they would also subscribe to your OnlyFans profile. You can check your engagement rate (on Instagram and TikTok) for free here:

However, you don’t just get fans automatically; there are certain rules to follow in self-promotion. Too explicit advertising can lead to a (permanent) ban on other social media platforms: With too little or misleading advertising, your followers may also not know how to find your OnlyFans profile.

Tip I: Be Careful on Child-Friendly Sites

onlyfans promotion tips

You should definitely avoid posting the link to your OnlyFans profile directly on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, as this can lead to a very quick loss of your account. Even accounts with several million followers are not safe if the link is added to the profile.

However, this can be circumvented with a landing page on WordPress. How to do this, you will find out later in this article. Another variant is to collaborate with OnlyFans promotion services or to work with an OnlyFans agency. These usually have the necessary network or reach to send your OnlyFans link to a large number of people. This number usually significantly exceeds your own subscriber count.

Tip II: Use Social Media for Marketing

Despite the difficulties on platforms like Instagram or Twitch, no witchcraft is needed to advertise your OnlyFans profile there. You just need to be a bit more careful and not too aggressive in advertising. But with some time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Which sites are suitable for OnlyFans promotion?

  • Facebook: Despite restrictions regarding erotic content, Facebook also offers ways to refer to your OnlyFans via a landing page. And through permissible, yet hot pictures, users can be attracted like on Instagram.
  • Instagram: Instagram is about pictures, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you pay attention to potential pitfalls, you can certainly use your physical charms, especially as a woman, to entice your fans with explicit insights.
  • Reddit: Probably the best platform for advertising OnlyFans. Not only does Reddit allow advertising with explicit pictures in NSFW-marked forums, but in these subreddits, there are many interested users who can be convinced to subscribe by a good and provocative picture. NSFW means “Not Safe for Work,” i.e., 18+ content.
  • Snapchat: Here, sexy pictures can be exchanged to attract potential customers, who then receive the link to your OnlyFans profile directly in the chat. Telegram: Telegram offers similar functions to WhatsApp – with the advantage that groups and communities there can have significantly more members, making sharing your OnlyFans link reach a noticeably larger number of people.
  • TikTok: TikTok is a real exception and will become even more relevant in the future. TikTok has just as strict guidelines as Instagram regarding OnlyFans references, so you have to be a bit tricky here too.
  • Twitch: Female gamers who stream in lighter clothing and have secured a following of ‘simps’ can often easily direct these very willing subscribers to OnlyFans. In return, OnlyFans subscribers can be preferentially invited to participate in the Twitch stream.
  • Twitter: The great advantage of Twitter is that it can be directly linked with OnlyFans, Patreon, various webcam sites, your own Reddit account, and much more, allowing for fast and easy crossposting. Additionally, pornographic content is also allowed there.
  • YouTube: YouTube offers the advantage of giving deeper insights into your OnlyFans account through longer videos, as well as the opportunity to share your own experiences with it. So, you can see that there are a variety of options. However, a slightly different approach is necessary for each site or platform.

You should also not underestimate the different algorithms in use there. They can help you, but also harm you if your content violates the community guidelines. More about using Telegram for OnlyFans can be found in our article on OnlyFans Telegram Marketing.

Tip III: Optimize Your Profile

onlyfans starter guide

More than anything, for humans as visual beings, the first impression counts. Scientific studies have shown that it takes only about a tenth of a second for a person to assess someone and thus form a first impression. If this impression is negative, you have almost lost that user as a potential subscriber.

Especially in our fast-paced times, which are rightly understood as a battle for the attention economy, it is immensely important that you can convince the user at first glance, and this is only possible with a good profile, consisting of:

  • Profile banner or header
  • Profile picture
  • An appealing bio or profile description
  • Your own logo for brand recognition
  • An appealing timeline

The images should be as high quality as possible. Therefore, it is best to visit a photographer who can take such pictures and, ideally, is also a media designer or graphic artist to create an exciting, seductive header from them that directly captures the user.

Online, you can find the dimensions for the different header sizes, which vary on each platform. Of course, the user looks at more than just one picture, so your timeline should also provide high-quality and exciting images.

You should follow a consistent theme in your social media channels and not dilute the image of your brand as a person too much. In the profile description, make sure that it contains the most important information about you. This can and should be supported with appropriate emoticons. For example, if you often travel, there should be a #travel hashtag so that the user immediately knows what you do, what you make, or what kind of content they can expect from you.

Tip IV: Use a Landing Page or a Link Tree The artificial intelligence on social media sites, like Instagram and TikTok, uses so-called crawlers to check websites linked in profiles for content that the platform does not want. Unfortunately, this includes links to OnlyFans profiles. But there is a way to trick the AI. A cost-effective way is to create a link tree, for example, through a provider like Linktree. There you can store links and also read them statistically. This allows you to see from which site most people are accessing your profile.

If you want to link more than just an OnlyFans profile there, such as your webcam sites, it is advisable to create a WordPress landing page. With the help of providers like Jimboo or Wix, which offer you a toolkit for website construction, or by hiring a web designer, you can extract even more information and make a good impression at the same time. Particularly effective have been those intermediate landing pages that directly play an erotic video in the background, thus arousing desire for more.

Tip V: Interaction with Your Subscribers and Fans is the Key

Only if you interact regularly with your fans will they switch to your OnlyFans. If you take the time to respond to individual comments or even contact the commentators privately, the chance that they will subscribe to your OnlyFans profile increases.

To avoid losing paying fans, you should also respond to them daily on OnlyFans and post new content there every day. The trick to getting more OnlyFans fans is also not to lose older fans to guarantee steady growth. Especially platforms that offer a ‘Story Function’ like Instagram or TikTok can attract a larger number of users to you every day.

Tip VI: Use Dating Apps like Lovoo and Tinder

10 Tips for your start on OnlyFans

Many singles are on well-known dating apps looking for a partner or short-term sexual encounters. These seekers can be cleverly directed to your pages. You should swipe through and accept as a potential match as many people as possible who are shown to you. At the same time, write in your profile description there that you only respond on Insta(gram).

Use only the term “Insta” so the algorithm doesn’t penalize you for luring users to other portals. You should not spend too much time on this, but send pre-made replies to the matches so they can later book your OnlyFans. Investing in Tinder or Lovoo Gold can also pay off to significantly increase the number of daily matches. Those who want to take the risk can also use “swipe bots,” but the danger is very high that the dating apps will ban the account.

Tip VII: Collaborate with Other OnlyFans Models and Shoutouts

Another very effective method is collaboration with other OnlyFans models and/or creators. By mutually presenting each other on your own OnlyFans timeline, you can make the users there aware of you. Many smaller partners only demand mutual linking in return. However, with larger content creators, a small fee may have to be paid first.

Such payment for a shoutout on OnlyFans and social networks like Instagram or Twitter is generally much better than buying so-called Instagram promotion pages, which often justify their high subscriber numbers exclusively through purchased followers. A good tool for checking this is the above-mentioned engagement tools.

It is particularly promising if the potential partner you are addressing has roughly the same type of followers as you. So, if you are a tall, athletic brunette student, collaboration with women who share these characteristics is worthwhile.” Exchanging ideas with other providers from the same niche is also very valuable.

For example, if you offer erotic cosplay content, you can exchange ideas with successful models, which is very well received. You can also always check which type of content in the niche leads to high interaction among fans.

Tip VIII: Videos are Even More Valuable Than Pictures

One of the best advertising measures is the use of GIFs. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF is a file format that allows individual images to be layered in a time-delayed manner to create short animations, video sequences, or moving banners. Erotic GIFs, for example, can be created with RedGIF.

RedGIF allows optimal integration into Reddit forums, so you can attract even more attention from users. For instance, if you create a sexy GIF of yourself doing an erotic dance or twerking, male followers might share it and thus practically advertise for you in their environment.

Tip IX: Plan and Start Advertising Campaigns

As with any other offer, some people need a bit more information or a discount before they finally decide to purchase. Similarly, some users are deterred by the prices on OnlyFans, especially if they don’t know exactly what they will ultimately get. In such a case, a (time-limited) advertising campaign can help.

OnlyFans allows you as a creator to integrate your own advertising campaigns into your profile and limit them to a certain period or a certain number of new subscribers. You can also set whether this offer applies to old subscribers as well for the respective period.

From this, you can then create images and stories that you share with your fans on social networks. In general, lower prices are better than very high ones, as not many people like to buy the proverbial “pig in a poke.” Such teaser offers have therefore proven successful. Ideally, the discount is high and limited. So a “Netflix subscription” for $15 can become a kebab plate for $7.50.

Tip X: Combine Your OnlyFans Account with a Free OnlyFans Account

At first glance, it may sound somewhat counterintuitive, since you run your OnlyFans page to make money, so why set up a free OnlyFans account? The answer lies in Tip Nine, as fans want to make sure that their money is well spent, and you also want to filter among your subscribers those who are just lurking or are ready to invest.

On a free OnlyFans page, you can also share explicit content and then protect it separately with a paywall. If a fan buys it, you also make revenue from it. If they like the preview, the likelihood increases that they will buy more or subscribe to your regular OnlyFans page.

Therefore, it makes sense to start a free page before opening a regular profile. You can already target your fans for the launch of the paid profile. This creates real hype around your OnlyFans profile. The better you use this hype, the more fans will subscribe to you at the start. But also, in the long run, your free account helps you to send advertising campaigns or otherwise exclusive content to all free subscribers simultaneously in mass messages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

10 Tips for OnlyFans

Is it worth buying OnlyFans fans?

This excellent question is actually a bit harder to answer, as you always have to assess to what extent such an investment is worthwhile at all. Buying fans for your own free page is often a monetary loss. For fans of your paid profile, you have to ask yourself why a fan should subscribe to you after you’ve paid for a service, instead of doing it voluntarily.

Consequently, these offers are often unscrupulous attempts by fraudsters to get your money, especially if you should pay in advance. In such a case, you should definitely not accept the offer and instead consider reporting the site directly to OnlyFans, so they can take action against such fraud attempts.

What is an OnlyFans Promotion Service?

Such a service or offering from an OnlyFans agency takes over the posting on the above-mentioned social networks and, if desired, beyond for you. You only need to provide the pictures, videos, etc., while the service adapts these specifically for the platform and inserts them for you.

Is it worth buying an OnlyFans promotion?

Unlike direct fan purchases, such promotion services are usually worth their money. On average, these cost around 20 to 40 euros and include a previously communicated number of postings. If you want professional promotion, however, usually higher costs arise, starting from about 300 euros per month.

Imagine such a promotion as the management of an account of a company that has hired an advertising agency. Whether this is worth it, you have to decide yourself, but the biggest advantage is undoubtedly the enormous time savings for you.

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