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Starting an OnlyFans Agency

Have you ever considered starting your own OnlyFans agency and earning money with an exciting job by managing models and content creators? Then don't listen to what VICE or the New York Times say, wanting to start an OnlyFans agency is not the same as being a pimp or a procurer. Instead, you work directly with men and women to lead them to success on social media.
November 13, 2023
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To start an OnlyFans agency, you need three things: business acumen, knowledge of how OnlyFans works and how to lead creators to success, and your own business. In this article, we have already explained in detail how to register your own OnlyFans business. If you are looking for knowledge on how to make an OF account successful, then secure our Premium Social Media Course for success on OnlyFans.

Understanding OnlyFans Agency Services: What does an OnlyFans Agency do?

An OnlyFans agency, often referred to as a marketing or management agency, plays a pivotal role in content creator success. It offers a range of services from account management, content creation assistance, to strategic marketing. These agencies also assist with design elements like creating attractive OnlyFans covers and efficient tip menus, crucial for enhancing a creator’s page​

How to Start Your Own OnlyFans Agency – Launching Your OnlyFans Management

After eliminating two of the three prerequisites, the only thing left is to figure out how to start an OnlyFans management economically. In addition to this general guide, Prestige101 also offers individual coaching tailored to your personal wishes and questions. An OnlyFans agency is not about quick money, but about building long-term high revenues: because only if your managed models are successful, you are too.

What you need to become an OnlyFans manager:

One or more models who want to start a (new) OnlyFans account

  • The necessary knowledge on how to maximize profits on OnlyFans
  • Your own, registered business
  • Sufficient time to manage your model
  • Experience in the field of social media (Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, etc.)
  • A regular smartphone
  • A (verified) model contract for your legal security
  • Optional: Camera equipment, a place to create shoots, design skills

In theory, anyone can start an OnlyFans agency, but it’s not that simple, as you should always keep up with current trends, especially if managed models serve a specific niche. With niche content, you can make the most money on OnlyFans. Latex, BDSM, foot fetish, Milf, cosplay, and many other specific (fetish) niches are the guarantee for long-lasting income.

The Most Important Thing – The Trustworthy Relationship with Your Models and Performers

Starting an OnlyFans Agency

Nothing is more important than maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your business partners. As an OnlyFans manager, you operate with and as an OF agency also create explicit and intimate content for the respective person. This means you must handle these sensitive data responsibly. You cannot force anyone in Germany to fulfill certain clauses, so you rely on the goodwill of your cooperation partners.

To minimize the risk of payment default, you can use a (legally) verified model contract. This allows you to (at least) legally secure the payments to you. Typically, an OnlyFans agency that wants to quickly alienate its models takes between 30 and 40% of the earnings, but since it’s critical at the beginning, I would recommend not demanding more than a maximum of 25% of the earnings (in addition to the 5% that OnlyFans automatically entitles you to).

The most important task as an OnlyFans agency is to take over the marketing of the content creators. This is precisely the difficult point where they usually fail. OnlyFans offers NO EXPLORE PAGE. This means all customers must be won over by your advertising material, whether it be ads, social media marketing, or appearances at forums or erotic fairs.

How can I start an OnlyFans agency and stand out from the competition?

You may have heard of other providers on the internet offering to help you start an OnlyFans agency and become rich. Often these “coaches,” who probably never filmed, edited, or published a single erotic film themselves in the ad-relevant places, forget to tell you that you must present yourself professionally and invest.

This makes you serious and unique in the competition as an OnlyFans manager:

  • Professional Web Presence: Your own website with a portfolio (including imprint, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Transparency about your own services: What can you do and what does the creator have to do themselves? You should also avoid false promises. As long as a model has less than 10,000 followers, they will not earn 2000 euros in the first month.
  • Good camera equipment and editing program: GIFs, i.e., short erotic clips as advertising material, perform best. Also, because of the risk of a ban, the model should have a simple website with clips, pictures, etc.
  • Presenting a Concept: Create a posting and content plan for you and the model, so both of you know what needs to be done when and what will be posted where.

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More Information

What characterizes the services of a good OnlyFans agency:

If you want to start an OnlyFans agency, you should offer the following services to your models. This not only shows that you are interested in their success but also helps new performers overcome their initial uncertainty with customer interaction.

  • Optimizing an existing OnlyFans account and improving its strengths while compensating for weaknesses
  • SWOT analysis (Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to improve the account’s conversion rate
  • Identifying trends, incorporating, and monetizing them
  • Finding a suitable niche and helping with content creation
  • Finding relevant advertising channels and developing an advertising plan

Checklist: 8 Steps to consider before launching your own OnlyFans agency

  1. Operational Strategy and Scaling Your Agency: The backbone of a successful OnlyFans agency lies in its operational efficiency. Hiring skilled account managers and chatters, and investing in their training is essential. As your agency grows, focus on scaling operations by regularly evaluating revenue, expenses, and profitability. Employ data-driven strategies for continual improvement and growth​​.
  2. Legal and Compliance Aspects: Before launching your OnlyFans agency, it’s imperative to address the legalities. Ensure that all creators are of legal age, and consult a lawyer to draft comprehensive contract documents. Adhering to OnlyFans’ rules and guidelines is crucial to maintain a good standing with the platform and protect your agency’s reputation​​.
  3. Developing a Business Plan and Strategy: A well-thought-out business plan and strategy are crucial. This should include defining your agency type, setting up a legal structure, refining creator selection processes, and establishing effective onboarding procedures. Additionally, selecting the right management tools is vital for the smooth operation of your agency​​.
  4. Payment and Revenue Structures: Understanding the revenue model of an OnlyFans agency is key. Typically, managers are paid a portion of the revenue generated from the OnlyFans page they manage. Agencies charge varying rates, with the average being between 20%-50% of the models’ revenue. This information is crucial for anyone considering starting an agency​​.
  5. Building an Independent Website: Creating a dedicated website for your OnlyFans agency is highly recommended. Platforms like Scrile Connect offer tailored solutions, allowing you to design a user-friendly site that effectively showcases your services and provides vital analytics, positioning your agency effectively in the competitive market​​.
  6. Marketing and Management Insights: One of the significant challenges on OnlyFans is discoverability. Agencies assist creators by managing their social media, promoting their OnlyFans, and finding creative ways to enhance their exposure. Effective marketing and management are the two pillars that support a creator’s success on the platform​​.
  7. Industry Examples and Best Practices: Observing industry leaders like Bunny Agency and Neo Agency can provide valuable insights. These agencies exemplify best practices in managing and marketing OnlyFans content, offering lessons for new agencies aiming for success in this domain​​.
  8. Launching Your Business: To launch a successful OnlyFans business, identify profitable niches, set up your platform, recruit content creators, and leverage social media channels. Investing in paid shoutouts, consistency in content creation, and focusing on high-quality production are essential steps towards success​​.

Conclusion: Starting an OnlyFans Agency Made Easy

onlyfans agency starter guide

Feel free to contact us or book a 1-on-1 training with Prestoge101 if you want to learn more about starting an OnlyFans agency. But even if you want to do it on your own, it’s advisable to proceed in a planned and structured manner, know your own strengths and weaknesses beforehand, and then compensate for or further strengthen them.

Working as an OnlyFans manager is not a business as an online pimp (or E-Pimp) but a job like that of a social media manager or product manager for larger companies with in-house marketing, namely a fulfilling but also demanding job.

Frequently asked Questions

Is starting an OnlyFans agency worth it?

Starting an OnlyFans agency can be worth it if you have a clear understanding of the digital content market, effective strategies for talent management, and robust marketing skills. Success depends on your ability to attract and manage content creators, navigate online platforms, and keep up with rapidly changing trends and regulations in the online content space.

How do I get clients for my OnlyFans agency?

To attract clients for an OnlyFans agency, focus on building a strong online presence through social media and content marketing. Networking in industry-specific forums, attending relevant events, and leveraging word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients can also be effective. Tailoring your services to meet the unique needs of content creators and offering them value, such as marketing support and brand development, can help in attracting and retaining clients.

What are the benefits of an OnlyFans agency?

An OnlyFans agency can offer several benefits, including professional management and marketing support for content creators, which can help them maximize their earnings and online presence. Agencies can also provide resources and guidance on content strategy, legal issues, and brand building. Additionally, agencies can negotiate better deals with platforms and sponsors, leveraging their collective bargaining power for the benefit of their clients.

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